The Scuderia San Martino awarded by ASI


We were aware of the extraordinary nature of the event, its cultural value and the mission we had set ourselves. Yes, a mission, even before a motoring event; the mission of making known a piece of our Italian motoring history that has now been forgotten, opening up in a polite but sensational way to the general public. Show and disclosure available to everyone! And along with this, the absolute novelty, celebrate those who have consciously and responsibly preserved a heritage that would have been lost because of the usual trade circuits of classic cars: the owners of the cars.
We were all very excited there in Turin at the Lingotto where during a long prize we received from the hands of the lawyer. Loi the coveted prize.
Indeed, where I received the award. Yes, because I have been granted this great privilege, of which I thank everyone, to withdraw it instead of the President. Once again the Scuderia was and wanted to be a pioneer in the face of the whole motor world. A woman, I, a symbol and spokesperson for the female category of enthusiasts who perhaps understand little about motors but sincerely and cleanly love what the historical motorism represents and has to offer: perfumes, sometimes smells, driving sensations, slowed down times , breathtaking views, wind in your hair, adventure and feel good in the company.
This is also vintage motorism!
In the male world and, often, a chauvinist of historical motor racing, the Scuderia San Martino has said its own, with a pink comma in a blue sky.

Francesca Manzini