Museum today

Today the Automobile Museum of San Martino in Rio covers an exhibition area of 650 square metres in which there are about forty cars, a dozen motorcycles, some bicycles and a meeting room and offices for carrying out various activities. The Museum is part of various cultural circuits and together with the Scuderia San Martino is ASI-federated and shares its statute in recognition of international motoring culture. The ASI is the Automotoclub Storico Italiano (Historic Italian Automotoclub) and is the curator of the world of historic motorsport in Italy. The Museum is recognized by FIA (Federation International d'Automobile) and is part of the regional project (Motor Valley) for the enhancement of the motorsport museum circuit in the region. The Emilia Romagna region remains a leader in national motorsports, thanks to the many manufacturers in the area, manufacturers that have always held a deep affection for technique and sportsmanship, and especially that land of engines which is the Romagna, the capital of sports motorcycles.