51st National Matra Meeting - 8/10 June 2018

51st National Matra Meeting 
Le Matra a Pergola in honor of Enzo Garavelloni
Senigallia (Ancona) - Pergola (Pesaro and Urbino) 8/10 June 2018

Enzo was born in Pergola in 1936 in a normal family of workers and after doing high school gymnasium (now it would be the Classic), began 'to work on motorcycles or transport in general at a typical workshop in the country of his uncle, precisely because of his motoring passion. But the work was scarce and there were no other opportunities in the area, he decided to go back to school attending the Chemical Institute for the Paper industry. Here, he had his professional turnaround, in fact a professor pointed out to him and acted with Citroen, in a workshop in the suburbs of Paris where the famous 2Cv were mounted, it was 1957 when Enzo moved to France followed shortly after by his brother minor Giuseppe. Here after a few years and taken from distance and monotony, in 1964 Giuseppe returned to Pergola while Enzo decided to stay on the transalpine ground, for the sole fact that he was proposed to join the Citroen racing department (then they participated in the rallies with the DS) and so did. Here, due to his ability 'and determination, he had another engineer' opportunity, that 'to go to work in Matra that at that time was facing the automotive sector, Jean Luc Lagardere aquisendo the Rene Bonnet and giving free paper to Eng. Philip Guedon to create everything that history tells us about the Matra brand today. Enzo becomes the "right arm" of Guedon, following from the person responsible for studies, experimentation and communication. Still, he is a very trustworthy man from Guedon. I met Enzo personally in 2007 and in 11 years a great friendship was born, a mutual respect, I owe him a lot, even the "Matra Italia" owes a lot to him, always very available and attentive to our activities.

Thanks Enzo and a hug from all of us.
Franco DeToma (Matra Italy)

Friday 8 June 2018
For those who wish to arrive as early as Friday I thought of finding ourselves on the Marchigiana coast, in a seaside resort of the most renowned for history and for holiday tourism: Senigallia. Here I looked for a hotel among the most popular, in the city center, a few steps from the sea and very close to the famous "La Rotonda sul Mare".
At this partner hotel everyone will have to book and pay directly (saying: Matra Italia meeting), check-in on Friday 8th June (or earlier) and check-out on Saturday 9th June. However, if you accept an advice, considering that there have been only 15 rooms reserved, to book as soon as possible .. The night between Saturday and Sunday instead we will be elsewhere and the night will be 'included in the participation fee.
HOTEL PALACE (3 stars) Piazzale della Libertà, 7/60019 Senigallia (AN) Tel: +39 071 7926792 http://www.hotelpalace.net/

Saturday 9 June 2018
Morning in total relaxation, free to spend a few hours on the beach, visit the port, or visit something you did not get to on Friday, then free lunch.
1.30 pm, departure in group from Senigallia per Pergola.
Where the real meeting will begin with the meeting of the crews who will have decided to arrive on Saturday.
At about 2.30 pm arrival of the group in Pergola, in Piazza Garibaldi reserved to us by the city authorities.
Between 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm, crew registration.
4.00 pm guided tour of the historical monuments of the city of Pergola and subsequent free visit for shopping of local products.
19:00, departure of the group (escorted by motorcyclists of the local Scuderia Catria) to reach the Monastery of Fonte Avellana with about 15 km. Where the dinner will take place and the crews will spend the night in this spectacular architectural structure surrounded by greenery and at the foot of Monte Catria.
At 8.00 pm dinner is scheduled at the characteristic hall of the refectory of the said Monastery.

Sunday 10 June 2018
9:30 am, visit to the Monastery of Fonte Avellana, led by the Prior, Father Gianni Giacomelli.
10:00 am, departure for Pergola
11:00 am, visit to the Museum of the gilded Bronzes of Pergola
At the end of this visit we will return to Piazza Garibaldi, always in the historic center of Pergola. Everyone will be free to visit the town further or in Viale Catria a few meters from Piazza Garibaldi, in a huge parking lot you can admire the motor evolution organized by the Scuderia Catria.
12:30 - 13:00, final lunch at the food stand of our Friends of the Scuderia Catria.
End of the Matra meeting and greetings from the participants.

Participation fee
1) Members and Family Members: 100.00 Euro per person.
2) Non-members, sympathizers, etc .: 110.00 Euro per person.

The participation fee includes:
1) Guided tour of the city of Pergola
2) Saturday dinner
3) Overnight and breakfast
4) Visit to the Museum of the Golden Bronzes
5) Sunday lunch
6) Gadgets

By SMS to my number or by e-mail, mention name and surname, type of room, and other needs. The phone is always available.
Booking deadline: 31 May 2018
De Toma Franco phone 338.5221489
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.